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The iMLS App allows students, parents and staff to access the school library from a
mobile phone or tablet.

Schools using Junior Librarian.net or Eclipse.net (hosted) can now ensure the library and its resources are accessible anywhere, anytime and available to your whole school community. The app is a fantastic way to encourage parental engagement with reading.

With iMLS students can ...

  • Search your library resources
  • View the latest and most popular books
  • Write and record video reviews
  • Check in on the latest news from the library
  • Check their library account
  • View recommended reads using Who Next
  • Request books for the school to purchase

Plus much more ...

With iMLS parents can ...

  • Monitor their child's library account
    and reading progress
  • Help with book selections using Who Next
  • Check whether a book is available in the school
    library before purchasing
  • Stay updated with library news

Plus much more ...

With iMLS staff can ...

  • Catalogue new resources
  • Issue and return books on and offline
  • Carry out stock checks
  • Monitor reading trends with the Dashboard
  • Check what's hot in other schools with the MLS Community Stat's
  • Set homework such as writing and recording reviews and library research
  • Embed the library into the teaching of ICT and literacy

Plus much more ...

Some new tools for staff ...

Quick Cat

Quickly add new books to your catalogue using iMLS.  A great tool if you have parent helpers involved in setting up your new primary school library but only have one barcode scanner.


Issue and return resources using the App.  You can use the device camera, keyboard or our Opticon Bluetooth scanners.  Circulate can also be used in offline mode in case your internet isn't available in school.  Primary schools with iPads or tablets in classrooms can now use these to issue and return classroom resources.

Stock Check

Carry out stock checks to keep your library catalogue up to date.  Use the device camera, keyboard or our Opticon Bluetooth scanner.  Either way, you will save on the cost of normal expensive portable barcode readers.

Why not add one of our optional portable Bluetooth scanners...

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  • Available on the App Store - iPhone/iPod Available on the App Store - iPad
  • Google play
  • Available on the Windows Store - Windows Tablet Available on the Windows Store - Windows Phone

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