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This guide to children’s authors is designed as a tool to help parents, teachers and librarians in schools and public libraries to guide children who have already enjoyed stories by one writer to find other authors they will enjoy reading.

The book lists 759 writers of children’s fiction, and with each name suggests other authors who write in a similar way.  The idea is that you look up one of your favourite children’s authors, then try reading a book by one of the other authors listed underneath.  By moving from one entry to another, readers can expand the number of writers they enjoy.
The links that have been made between authors are of genre and theme, and also of styles of writing, or similar aspects of characterisation and settings.  Of course no author writes exactly like another and readers will not agree with all the choices.  Questioning ‘Who Next...?’ may be one of the pleasures of using it, and a source of discussion or debate.

What is Who Next?

Compiled by two professional librarians of long experience, and drawing on contributions from other librarians, the book features:

  • 759 authors listed A-Z
  • Four age group categories (Books for 5-7, 8-11, 12-14 and 14+ year olds)
  • Listings by genre and theme
  • Key book titles and series of titles for each author
  • Graphic novels, short stories and titles for dyslexic or struggling readers
  • List of prize-winning children’s books
  • Books and websites for further reading

Having the information available in our systems will be a fantastic addition for pupils, staff and parents however, we recommend that you also purchase a copy of this excellent resource for use in school to support the new functionality. 

Junior Librarian.net and Eclipse.net now offer exclusive use of the data from ‘Who Next...?’ in partnership with LISU.

Please click one of the monitors to see Who Next...? operating within our systems.