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MLS are proud to be involved with sponsoring the amazing work of the Children of Watamu's Happy House Children's Home in Kenya. The charity, founded and run by Sue Hayward since 2003, had developed three schools, including a library and computer room, before opening the Happy House in 2010.

There Sue, passionate that education is the road out of poverty, has created an inspirational children's home, school and is now adding a library. Join us in helping them to aspire & empower children to achieve their potential. UK schools are already helping the Happy House children with fund raising events and child sponsorship including Devonshire Primary & Marton Primary schools, Blackpool; Oatlands Junior School in Surrey & Hinlip CE School in Worcestershire.

Find out more about the Children of Watamu charity at the Happy House. Every penny raised through donations or child sponsorship goes directly where it is intended, to supporting the Happy House family.

Ours is real home for our children not an institition. If you stand ouside you can hear laughter and singing, when you come inside you see happy healthy smiling faces.

From the ouset, one of our great aims has been to get children reading. If children can read, children can learn. To get them excited about books we are developing a library which we hope, with support and help of others, will have books on every subject and be their window on the world.

Our Happy House thrives with caring, supportive staff and the backing of our child sponsors, fundraisers and volunteers. Without it, these vulnerable children would be destitute, finding scraps to eat in the bush and sleeping rough. They would have no home, no medicines, no educations, nor future and the great possibility of not surviving at all.

Find more about how your school could get involved and sponsor a child
Meet some of the children whose lives have been transformed.
Make a donation
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