Silverlight CSV Import

Stage 2 > Leavers

Before importing the CSV that should now have been generated, any redundant borrowers ('leavers') that have left should be moved to the recycle bin. It is highly recommended that this is completed before the CSV file is imported as it can be difficult to do so efficiently, after.

Moving the borrowers that have left the school to the recycle bin can be done two ways; by removing the records from the Borrowers table or moving them as a whole group from the Tutor Groups table.

If the Borrowers have been removed to the recycle bin/set as leavers, then they should no longer be showing in the Borrowers table. This can be checked by opening Management and looking in the Borrowers table.

If it is discovered that the appropriate borrowers have not been set to 'Leavers' then this can be done two ways.

if you would like to watch a video showing this happen please click on the video icon below.

It is normally preferred to move all necessary pupils to 'leavers' a group at a time, from Tutor Groups. However, if you are using vertical tutoring then it is likely that you will need to remove them from Borrowers by searching, instead.

When you are sure that any redundant borrowers have been set as Leavers you should be ready to import the CSV file that was generated earlier. Click Continue to move onto the next stage.