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Available to Eclipse Help Desk Subscribers, this additional module is designed to allow borrowers (or pupil librarians) to issue their own resources when the library isn't staffed.

Simple to Use

This facility is optional for Eclipse.net users where the library is open and not staffed and where there is a requirement for borrowers to be able to issue and return their own resources. It can also be used to promote a culture of independent learning and free up valuable time for the librarian / library manager.

The self issue interface can be installed on the main library computer or a specific computer being used for this purpose.

Clean and simple instructions prompt your borrowers through the process of issuing or returning resources.

The 'settings' section allows you to decide whether resources can also be returned and whether the system should restrict issues for borrowers with overdue items etc.

Further information

For more information about Self-Issue please contact your Account Manager on 0161 449 9357 or click here to request a call back.

MLS can also offer integration with a range of Security, RFID and Self-Issue systems provider by our partners.
Click here for more information.