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If you are a new or an existing user of our software and you wish to extend your knowledge or refresh your skills we have training to suit your needs.

Our experienced trainers have extensive knowledge of our Library Management Systems and visit you on site to deliver training in your own library environment using your data and resources.

  • * Cataloguing, managing and tracking resources
  • * Adding borrowers and staff
  • * Editing and sending reminders

  •   Plus much more...
  • * Creating barcode labels for borrowers and resources
  • * Producing reports
  • * Customise your system and save time using Page Views

Training will be delivered at a level and pace tailored to your needs and experience with the system. We aim to make the training an individual experience based on your own requirements, leaving you much more confident with your system.

Feedback from our clients tells us that our training packages are a valuable experience. There are options to suit everybody from site visits including installation, training only days and online hourly sessions focussed on specific areas chosen by you.

Make sure you are getting the most out of the system by booking your training now.

We also offer bulk cataloguing of school library resources as a separate service

If you would like further information or would like to book training/cataloguing or installation please click here.

* Please note training/cataloguing is only available to clients who subscribe to the Help Desk