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It's good putting pictures of the book you are reading on the chat section. This helps my friend know exactly what book I'm discussing. I use it regularly!


Staff can:

  • Develop enthusiastic readers of both hardcopy and electronic books
  • Provide a literacy focused online social network
  • Make the community a source of learning content
  • Develop community wide reading activities
  • Report reading engagement and progress to parents
  • Increase the profile of the school library
  • Engage parents to become more involved with their child's reading
  • Collaborate on projects with other educators across the Reading Cloud
  • Create exciting new lessons around the Reading Cloud's various features
  • Integrate public libraries into the Reading Cloud community
  • Publish audience targeted news and announcements
  • Provide a safe environment to support enquiry based learning
  • Manage communication and messaging rules
  • Integrate the Reading Cloud with other core technologies
  • Aggregate existing digital content
  • Provide collaboration opportunities to link schools locally, nationally and internationally